Brighter Today


In 2014, I founded Brighter Today, a nonprofit organization, that aims to provide ecofriendly lightbulbs to low-income communities as a way to cut costs and increase productivity.

We have partnered with Philips, who sponsors 100% of our lightbulbs. In addition, we have successfully raised funds from a number of institutions including Glamour Magazine, Clinton Global Initiative, Resolution Project, New York University.

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We swap incandescent bulbs for CFL bulbs. While incandescent bulbs are cheaper to buy initially, CFL bulbs last 24x longer, making them more economical in the long run. In addition, CFL bulbs cut electricity bills by 80% and are more environmentally friendly.

The cost savings from using CFL bulbs typically goes towards food, education and healthcare. To date, we have implemented CFL bulbs in villages across India and the Philippines, impacting 6000+ lives to date.


Operating Model

We have appointed Project Leaders and Project Coordinators within each community that we operate in to identify appropriate households, ensure the community understands the benefits of utilizing the CFL bulb, and monitor the progress.

In addition, we have observed the multiplier effect on other households as well as neighbouring villages. After households implement and observe the effects of the CFL bulb, they share its effects with their friends, families and neighbours, who in turn, choose to adopt the lightbulb as well. Word spreads and allows for a larger social impact.